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Hansen Family Session

Can I just say- I LOVE AUTUMN!  Actually I never knew just how much I loved it until I moved to Utah from LA!  It is truly my heaven and I believe a photographer's heaven.  Such warm tones to work with and to die for foliage that you could stare at for hours.  Anyway, that brings me to this family session I did with the Hansens just a couple weeks ago.  It was just the beginning of the Fall loveliness but still oh so gorgeous.  I hope you'll take a looksie at this adorable family.  Happy Autumn Days!  xoxo













Wilkins Family Session

A few months ago I had donated a Family Session to a very worthy cause- one of Jack's schoolmates had been diagnosed with Cancer and so to help raise money for the family, his wonderful teachers coordinated an auction.  I decided that perhaps someone would want to bid on a photo session and I was right.  Vicki won my session and I finally had the opportunity to photograph her and her wonderful family at their home in Salt Lake.  Thanks Vicki for contributing to the cause! 

























Rachel & Dallin's Wedding

I had the privilige of shooting this beautiful backyard wedding just outside Phoenix.  They got married at the Mesa Temple and then we went off to their awesome backyard wedding that their friends and family so beautifully put together.  Congratulations Rachel and Dallin! 


Rachel & Dallin Engagements


These two are so cute together!  Just two young people in love...'s adorable!  I'm so excited to shoot their wedding next week in Arizona!  Hope you enjoy the pics!  xoxo




Okay so in case you missed the FB and Instagram photos of my amazing trip to France I have posted here the first leg of our "10 day France extravaganza--- the honeymoon we never had".  Now, what prompted this indulgent getaway of ours?  Well it just so happens that my oldest friend (we've literally known one another since we were a few months old) lives in Bordeaux, France and was planning her wedding for September 2012.  Now-- you have to understand that I had been anxiously awaiting the day that she would be getting engaged (to her handsome French boyfriend- Olivier) and would proceed to plan her French wedding of which I was absolutely certain I would attend because first of all she is my oldest friend who I love dearly and there was no way in hell I would be missing her wedding!  Secondly- IT WAS GOING TO BE IN BORDEAUX, FRANCE!  Hence, the 5000 mile trek to France with Jeremy and spending 10 days in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Hope y'all enjoy and stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of our journey.  :)


This is the view from our little B&B that we stayed at just outside of Bordeaux.


My handsome husband.  Man I'm jealous of his photogenic abilities.


Some horses around the B&B.


French countryside beauty.  NBD.



Not only did the owners have their own tomato garden with seriously the best tomatoes I've ever tasted, but they had pumpkins too! 

View of the back of the B&B.  This place used to be a winery back in the day and then converted into a home.  It was so lovely and definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Here is the beginning of the wedding day.  We all met at City Hall in Bordeaux for their ceremony.  Here is the bride looking gorgeous.



I love this one.




Mother & Daughter embrace-- I love this one so much!

Her family found this Mustang to rent for a couple of hours... and it even had California plates!  It was so perfect that she was able to have a bit of California added to the day. 


I love the Coke cans tied to the back! 

Party time!


The yellow bow ties were amazing! 

Her friends and brothers arranged to have all of the guests light these lanterns and send them off into the night sky.  It was truly beautiful. 


The lanterns floating away. 

And there I am singing my heart out on the dance floor with my newly made British friend Ella. 

Aude and (for the life of me I can't remember his name) her boyfriend.  Aude was the bride's French version of a maid of honor.  The French don't traditionally have a bridal party as we Americans do, but just one or two friends who act as their witnesses at the ceremony and then arrange for special speeches, etc... at the reception. 

Champagne on the dance floor-  Is there any other way to do it?

So there you have it.  Oh yeah- traditional French weddings last until about 4 in the morning.  Needless to say it was a late night for us but so completely and utterly worth it.  We danced and drank the best wine and really celebrated the marriage of 2 people who are madly in love.  I couldn't be happier for my friend and her new husband.  Congratulations!  XOXO